Climate, Change the story.


‘A major human adaptation has been the creation of stories (beliefs) that trigger and guide emotions; the emotions are real, the actions are real, but the stories are only coded devices to attach motive force to action.’


The human species has long since become an inventive productive force, a capacity that for better and for worse has given us an enormous advantage over all other species that inhabit planet Earth. Nevertheless, at the core of our organic human being we continue to be no more or less natural than any other species on planet Earth, all of which are ultimately subject to the natural checks and balances of planet Earth’s superior productive force, namely the Biosphere.

The human productive force is now artificially altering the composition of the Earth’s atmosphere to the point where global climate and weather patterns are becoming more intense, more erratic and less predictable. The scientific observable rate of what we now call ‘climate change’ is a relatively recent phenomenon that is best thought of as a predictable response on the part of planet Earth’s biosphere to a significant disruption of it by a lesser – albeit significant, human productive force. It can also be storied that the capacity of the human productive force to artificially alter the planet’s atmosphere is now being subjected to the sort of natural checks and balances that have consistently taken place throughout planet Earth’s biosphere for millennia.  Planet Earth’s capacity to respond to significant disruptions to the biosphere has evidently survived the test of time – about 4.5 billion years of time, therefor we humans have no real reason to doubt that planet Earth is now simply responding to a significant enough human induced artificial disruption of the atmosphere in particular and thereby the  biosphere as a whole.

Planet Earth’s biosphere as a whole is the natural productive force that enables the cycle of life as we know it to continue and flourish, it should therefore be regarded – even celebrated, as being essential for the emergence and continued development of our human productive force. Conversely, our effort to dominate the planet Earth’s productive force is proving to be a serious human mistake, a mistake made possible only through some of the tall stories we have invented to convince and motivate ourselves by. If we are to better understand and manage the relationship between our subordinate human productive force in the context of planet Earth’s total and thereby superior productive force, we need to change our stories – particularly our most influential religious and political stories.

The more influential religious and political stories that persuade – even convince, most of us that the human productive force is superior to Earth’s productive force are proving to be the most dangerous life destroying stories. Such misleading religious and political stories also enable us humans to regard certain artefacts and entities as sacred, including the artefacts of deity, money and the market place. The time has well and truly arrived when we must change such influential stories if we are to avoid destroying ourselves and possibly the entire planet.

My advice is that we look for religious stories that are more down to Earth, observable, objective and capable of being physically experienced, rather than some theist pie in the sky cum wishful thinking story. This is easier to say for some like lucky me, I have ‘PaGaian Cosmology’ authored by my beloved Glenys Livingstone Ph.D. in 2005. PaGaian Cosmology is an Earth based spiritual story and practice that celebrates the Earth, Sun and Moon relationship, a relationship that enables and sustains planet Earth’s biosphere cum productive force. Human induced or otherwise and irrespective of what happens to our weather patterns, the Earth, Sun and Moon enable a seasonal wheel of the year comprised of solstice and equinox moments that are fixed and consistently determined by the angle of Earth’s axis and the rate of Earth’s rotation around the sun. This seasonal wheel of the year together with our Moon’s equally consistent twenty eight day cycle of waxing and waning, makes for an awesome cosmic phenomenon and story that is worthy of our admiration and celebration – even worship.

When looking for a political story we urgently need to move beyond the fear based, antagonistic, nationalist programs that place their emphasis on protecting and defending the privately owned wealth of the capitalist class within their respective nation states. Better that we look for a political story that genuinely cares about and places an emphasis on the wellbeing of society as a whole. Again, lucky me, I was inspired by another feminist author to search for a political program and party that recognised the importance of the spiritual as well as the material requirement for human well being. After almost giving up on politics – which would have been an altogether useless state of mind, I found the International Committee of the Fourth International through its Sydney NSW Australia branch of the Socialist Equality party (ICFI/SEP). What attracted me was a political program whose founder Leon Trotsky made it clear in 1938 that his programme and party was different to any other in that ‘the aim of our party is the full material and spiritual liberation of the toilers and the exploited’, at last I found a political party that placed an emphasis on our human well being by uniting and liberating the human productive force to achieve its full potential throughout the entire planet.



Southern Summer 2019.




A most pernicious threat.

Humanity now faces the potentially devastating three pronged threat of – nuclear war(s), catastrophic climate change and technological disruption – better thought of as the pernicious abuse of AI (Artificial Intelligence). Albeit to varying degrees, the whole of humanity is at risk from the twin threats of nuclear war(s) and or catastrophic climate change. However, it is the international working class that is most at risk from the pernicious abuse of AI. It should be noted that the twin threats of catastrophic climate change and technological disruption are already underway and well advanced.

The owners of the ‘working class’, also known as the ‘ruling class’ are – albeit to a lesser extent, also threatened by nuclear war(s) and catastrophic climate change, both of which pose a serious threat to the continued accumulation of their privately owned wealth and well being. The ruling class is now also having to deal with the threat of an increasingly impoverished working class waged worker who is desperately wanting to increase their wages and hence, the possibility that they could unite internationally to revolt against and replace the existing socio-economic forms of governance and productivity with something more to their working class liking, such as a form of international socialism.

Because the ruling class are also threatened by nuclear war(s) and or catastrophic climate change, the working class should not be too surprised if the ruling class attempt to reduce if not eventually eliminate one or both of these twin threats. Meanwhile and in any event, the threat of a restless and potential revolutionary working class is already being urgently responded to by the ruling class through increasing authoritarian, dictatorial and military rule, with the pernicious disruption of AI rapidly being developed into what might well become their future weapon of choice.

The waged worker is most seriously at risk from the threat of a ruling class using AI to replace and eventually eliminate most if not all waged workers. As if the present 21st century level of worker exploitation, impoverishment, redundancy and replacement by AI enabled automation is not bad enough, the possibility of a future in which the working class becomes completely replaced and hence irrelevant is even worse. We can already see the beginning of this with the rapidly increasing production of gulag like incarceration and rehabilitation centres throughout the US and internationally. This is how a profit crazed ruling class is responding to increasing unemployment, drug abuse, petty crime and the mass movement of refugees seeking political asylum.

Having produced it all in the first place – for better and for worse, it is evident that we humans have the wherewithal to also eliminate the threat of nuclear war(s) and at least reduce the threat of catastrophic climate change. The threat of a profit crazed pernicious disruption of AI is not only avoidable, but it should be reversed. AI can and should be used to eliminate all and any threats to the safety and wellbeing of humanity throughout the entire planet, it should only ever be used for our mutual benefit.

The very thought of a future in which hundreds of gulag type internment centres containing millions of working class men and women made redundant and irrelevant by a rampant, profit crazed, data owning ruling class, being guarded by cyborgs until rehabilitated or dead, should be enough to scare the rest of humanity into ensuring that this doesn’t happen. The underlying problem here is the ruling class and their rampant, profit crazed capitalism. Unless the rest of us – working class, rid the planet of this problem, it is most likely that one or more of the above three pronged threat will bring life as we know it to an abrupt end.