One response to “Why a new normal must be a better normal.

  1. It is undisputable that the international working class has to conquest political power. The revolutionary triumvirate, ICFI/SEP/IYSSE, is uncompromising on the fact that the international working claas assert itself by building its own action committees in work places and residential areas to start from the bottom by situating ourselves on the principle of democratic centralism. Also students and youth have to build the IYSSE so that they can assert themselves and work with the international working class to succeed in the impending internaional socialist revolution.
    In the US for 2020 election Bernie Sanders again has succeeded in rallying workers, youth and students in huge numbers under the Democratic party. This escaltion of the psedo-left to be at the service of the US imperialism must be defeated and can be defeated. I appeal to workers, youth and students to build the revolutionary triumvirate, ICFI/SEP/IYSSE, to banish the pseudo-left in the United States. Victory to the Socialist Equality Party in the United States. Defeat to the duopoly (Republican and Democratic Parties)

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